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Truck Farm is a fleet of gardens-on-wheels, an award-winning documentary film, and most recently a children’s book and album — all teaching young people about the joys of growing food.

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2013 Garden Contest Highlights

Our third annual Truck Farm Garden Contest delighted us with unexpected ways to plant seeds. We want to share a few of the highlights:

This year’s winner was 7-year-old Ava Appleton, shown below with her golden friend. Ava transformed a shopping cart into a mobile garden parked outside of her elementary school in Minnesota.

Ava Appleton

The shopping cart was planted with hay, and a garden in a cat litter pan was added to the lower level. Soon, others students at Ava’s school added a sled farm and a wagon farm to the tableau, and eventually Ava’s cart was joined by over 20 gardens planted in recycled containers. She started a movement!


Wine Box

For Mary Luongo in California, a tiny sunflower seed took root in a discarded wine crate. She plans to plant tomatoes next.

Below, high schooler Mykin Lopez planted these super cool “Garden-A-Gallons” for the Feast on the Street food festival in Phoenix, Arizona.

Gallon buckets

Eleven-year-old Julia Hogendorf in New York is growing her own colorful sprouts in a crayon box on her windowsill.


Crayon Garden

Thanks to all who entered!

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2013 Truck Farm Garden Contest open!

We invite folks of all ages to get planting for our 4th Annual Truck Farm Garden Contest. It’s easy! Just plant a seed in the most creative place you can think of (a shoe? a football helmet? surprise us!), snap a photo once your seed sprouts, and submit your entry to our special guest judges using this online submission form.

The deadline for submissions is June 1, so plant those seeds soon! We can’t wait to see what you grow.

Photo courtesy of our fleet member Truck Farm Omaha - way to grow!


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More Truck Farm Garden Contest highlights

You already met the winners of our 2012 Truck Farm Garden Contest, but we wanted to share a few more highlights from the submissions:

This Mr. Potato Head Scarecrow was made at Chilmark Preschool with the help of Island Grown Schools on Martha's Vineyard. Photo by Emily Duncker of Edgartown, MA.

Meghan Kelly, of Québec, Canada, spends much of her time doing “theatrical education about environmental living in high schools across the province.” She planted a mobile bike garden.

Mark O'Connor's tomato plants are livin' it up on his roofotop in Camarillo, California.

Carolina Salguero planted this herb bucket garden aboard the tanker Mary A. Whalen, docked in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Jana Eichhorn filled a treasure chest with a String of Pearls plant in Racine, Wisconsin.

Potatoes, peas, and carrots -- hold the beef! -- in this crockpot garden by Steve Carroll of Winchester, Virigina.


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Garden Contest winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered and helped spread the word about our third annual Truck Farm Garden Contest! Special thanks to our judges, Michael Pollan and Marion Nestle.

First place, with a gift certificate for the Seed Savers Exchange, goes to Karlie Cole of Minnesota. Karlie wrote, “Inspired by Truck Farm – but with no truck and no sun except on the driveway – my Prius became a greenhouse!” Check it out:

Second place, with a Truck Farm DVD and trucker hat, goes to Steve Madewell of Maryland. Steve created a vertical LEGO garden:

Steve wrote, “I’ve been experimenting with ways to encourage children and families to invent their own methods of growing fresh food at home, regardless of where home may be… It turns out LEGOs drain fairly well, are easy to reconfigure for  plant growth, and most plants don’t seem to mind being grown in and around toys.”

So much creativity! Keep on planting.

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2012 Truck Farm Garden Contest open!

The Truck Farm Garden Contest last year was so much fun we’ve brought it back!

The contest is simple: plant a seed in the most creative place you can think of, watch it grow, snap a photo, and submit it right here on our website.

JUNE 1st is the deadline for submissions. Judges Alice Waters, Marion Nestle, and Michael Pollan will select the winners in June. We can’t wait to see what you grow!

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Surprise visitors in Port Townsend, WA

Thanks to our warm TRUCK FARM (and THE CITY DARK) audiences and hosts at the recent Port Townsend Film Festival! A true highlight of the festival weekend was a visit from Truck Farm Seattle. Kathy and Todd drove two hours to Port Townsend in their 1972 Ford truck farm, and, thanks to an ingenious piece of plywood that doubles as a mural, the veggies survived!

Check the TRUCK FARM Facebook page for more photos from this terrific visit. Kathy and Todd, so glad you came!

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An Organic Conversation podcast

Check out Ian’s TRUCK FARM interview in a new podcast from An Organic Conversation.

The podcast, called “The Landscape of Hunger: Irrigating Food Deserts,” also features David Goodman, director of the Redwood Empire Food Bank in Santa Rosa, CA, and Rick Schneiders, founder of MoGro Mobile Grocery in Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM.


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Truck Farm fleet news

It’s market season! Truck Farms are visiting their local farmers markets and community gardens, in addition to schools, summer camps, and after-school programs, for outreach and education while gearing up for harvest.

Denver Urban Truck Farm

In Spring 2011, the Truck Farm fleet expanded to include 25 trucks across the country. Since then our Truck Farmers have reached thousands of students at school programs and other venues, and educators say the Truck Farm visits encourage many students to get involved in school and community gardening programs. Keep it up!

DC Central Kitchen Truck Farm

We’re hatching plans to add 20 new trucks to the Truck Farm fleet across the country in 2012, and we’re working to expand our Truck Farmer toolkit. Interested in setting up or sponsoring a Truck Farm in your community? Download an info sheet and email [email protected]

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2011 Truck Farm Garden Contest

In Spring 2011, Truck Farm held its first ever Garden Contest, inviting kids across the nation to plant seeds in creative, quirky, and reclaimed spaces. Our fleet of truck farmers helped spread the word about the contest and held planting parties in their cities. Celebrity guests and food visionaries Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, and Marion Nestle selected the winner from among hundreds of young people who participated.



The Grand Prize went to Ivan Skrabalo of New York, NY, for his “Every Day Parsley Farm.” Ivan won a home-planting kit and signed DVD copies of KING CORN and TRUCK FARM.

2011 Truck Farm Garden Contest winner (with his parsley garden) rests after a hard day on the farm.

Stay tuned for news about our 2012 Garden Contest and School Garden Song Contest!

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