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Truck Farm is a fleet of gardens-on-wheels, an award-winning documentary film, and most recently a children’s book and album — all teaching young people about the joys of growing food.

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Inaugural 2012 Truck Farm visit

Ian Cheney and the Brooklyn Truck Farm recently debuted some new sprouts and new (old) wheels with our first educational visit of 2012, at the Friedberg JCC. We miss the ’86 Dodge, but so far, so good, ’96 Tacoma!

A plexiglass panel is a great way to let kids check out the roots and soil.

A family of shoe farms greeted us on the JCC steps!

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Harvest party at home/made

Last Sunday, the TRUCK FARM team, with our talented and dear friends Monica Byrne and Leisah Swenson of home/made in Brooklyn, hosted an end-of-summer harvest party to thank our local sponsors and supporters. Monica and Leisah provided delicious food and the perfect place for a festive gathering and outdoor screening. Before the film, Simon Beins performed a few songs that didn’t make it into TRUCK FARM, and a few that did.

Enormous thanks to our talented and generous hosts, Monica and Leisah, to the awesome staff at home/made, and to all of our TRUCK FARM supporters in NYC and beyond.

The truck farm parked at home/made in Red Hook for our end-of-summer harvest party

Ian with Monica Byrne and Leisah Swenson of home/made

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The original truck farmer?

Here in Brooklyn, we planted the truck farm in 2009. We were delighted to learn recently that Mississippian Felder Rushing has been at it since 1988!

According to his website, Felder began planting a small garden of flowers, herbs, and vegetables in the back of various pickup trucks in 1988, when he started with just a sack of potting soil.

He worked up to a larger bale of potting soil, and currently has a custom-made, rust-proof box, with a rubber mat to prevent rust in the truck bed, in the back of his dad’s 1988 Ford F-150.

Felder drives thousands of miles a year, usually with Rusty the dog, from Mississippi to San Antonio, Chicago, Toronto, Boston, and down to Key West. We love it!

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