Truck Farm!

Truck Farm is a fleet of gardens-on-wheels, an award-winning documentary film, and most recently a children’s book and album — all teaching young people about the joys of growing food.

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This 44-page, fully illustrated children’s book is fun for all ages, even for parents. With the characteristic quirkiness of the Truck Farm film, the book tells the whimsical tale of young Rumsey Plumb, whose summer on Grandmum’s farm takes an unexpected turn when a big storm threatens her prize-winning crops. With the help of four weird ducks, Grandmum and Rumsey plant a garden-on-wheels and flee to higher ground in the big city— where another adventure awaits. The book is co-written by Amanda Murray and Ian Cheney, and illustrated by Scott Kraynak.

Included with the book is a CD featuring Simon Beins’ album of fun songs inspired by the Truck Farm project, and a special reading of the book by musician Jack Johnson.