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Truck Farm is a fleet of gardens-on-wheels, an award-winning documentary film, and most recently a children’s book and album — all teaching young people about the joys of growing food.

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2013 Garden Contest Highlights

Our third annual Truck Farm Garden Contest delighted us with unexpected ways to plant seeds. We want to share a few of the highlights:

This year’s winner was 7-year-old Ava Appleton, shown below with her golden friend. Ava transformed a shopping cart into a mobile garden parked outside of her elementary school in Minnesota.

Ava Appleton

The shopping cart was planted with hay, and a garden in a cat litter pan was added to the lower level. Soon, others students at Ava’s school added a sled farm and a wagon farm to the tableau, and eventually Ava’s cart was joined by over 20 gardens planted in recycled containers. She started a movement!


Wine Box

For Mary Luongo in California, a tiny sunflower seed took root in a discarded wine crate. She plans to plant tomatoes next.

Below, high schooler Mykin Lopez planted these super cool “Garden-A-Gallons” for the Feast on the Street food festival in Phoenix, Arizona.

Gallon buckets

Eleven-year-old Julia Hogendorf in New York is growing her own colorful sprouts in a crayon box on her windowsill.


Crayon Garden

Thanks to all who entered!

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